The heart of the kitchen, at The Pizza Pig, is the stone fire Pizza oven. Where size does matter, our thin crust rectangular pizza is whopping 30- inch-long and 9-inch-wide brimming with toppings and bubbling sauce and cheese. The secret to good tasting pizza is making sure it is full of nook and crannies for the sauce and cheese to mix with good toppings, so that every bite is a burst of flavors.

Our name extends from Shore Hospitality’s existing strong brands from “The Salted Pig” a quirky comfort western food eatery. “Cull N Pistol”, named after Lobsters with one Claw, a rustic ‘Unami’ seafood experience. “The Blind Pig”, our quirky Sports Pub, serving delicious pub grub and craft beers. And Now bringing our Piggy Quirkiness to THE PIZZA PIG.



Our Menu has a full range of delicious pasta’s comforting appetizer’s, and generous portions main courses that tickle the palette. Like our sister restaurants there is a lot of porky deliciousness. Whether it’s pizza, pasta or your favorite pork dish, our menu is made to order, order Lots or order Large.



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